Monday, September 14, 2009

You didn't think I'd let a day go by without being in touch, did you?


Considering I didn't tell you how pole dancing class went yesterday?

It was really great!  Granny's teacher is incredibly talented on the pole, fabulously athletic and loads of fun.  She giggles a lot because she really enjoys what she's doing.  She was a little bruised up yesterday, since she'd performed on the pole the night before.

I'd asked her to help me figure out a new routine on my walker, and she had some wonderful ideas.  I just let her play around on it since she'd never had the opportunity to do it before, and she definitely used all her creativity and busted some moves even Granny never thought of before.  I'm too old to do some of the things she demonstrated, but, still, I'm going to put some of her less demanding moves into play.  Miss M has really lovely, lovely long legs and pretty feet and she really knows how to wrap herself around the apparatus!  Inspiring!  She ended with a full split on top of the walker for a big finish and that was really something to see!

At the end of our session two of Miss M's pole dancing colleagues arrived in the studio, both former Bulgarian Olympic gymnasts.  They were very enthusiastic about playing on the walker, too, and came up with some VERY athletic moves.  Granny's burlesque walker is just so much fun!  It puts a smile on everyone's face, and it makes you feel like a little kid again with a portable jungle gym.  Plus, if you're not dressed appropriately when you try it out, everybody gets to see your pretty panties!  It's just good fun all around for everyone.

Granny's been sewing on sequins tonight and will continue to do so tomorrow night in advance of next weekend's photo shoot.  And there's stripper dance class Wednesday night to look forward to!

Sweet dreams!

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