Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back from stripper dance class.

And I'm tired and need a hot bath!  I got a kink in my right butt cheek while executing an Ann-Margret-getting-out-of-chair move after some sitting leg work.  Ow!  I think I better go find the Epsom salts!

We worked with a man's button-down shirt tonight in class.  I thought how romantic it would have been if I were actually working with the shirt of un amant, all nicely scented up by him, as opposed to the one I ran by Goodwill to pick up on the way to class since I didn't have a man's white shirt lying around my house today.  The shirt I got was nice and evidently abandoned at the dry cleaner's -- clean, with tags stapled in it, steam-pressed, lightly starched.  It did the job, but ... (sigh).  It was hardly as sexy wearing it to do burlesque in as it would have been to wear a special someone's shirt and remembering running around wearing it and nothing else, bare-legged and bare-footed, the morning after a mad fling, trying to find my panties. 

I have yards of fringe and fishnets in the RIT dye bath, and the new costume I'm working on for next weekend's shoot should be finished tomorrow.  I'm getting excited as Saturday approaches.  And a package containing two new pairs of stockings arrived this afternoon!

Darling readers, you have but two days left to vote in the poll (see right sidebar) about what Granny Panty should pose with next or to send me a message if you have any special requests! 

Sweet dreams, sweeties!

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