Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just back from stripper class.

Which, as usual, was loads of fun.  I love my teacher, Chi-Chi, and tonight she brought along another of the burlesque artists in her troupe.  Did I tell you Chi-Chi is a Betty Page-type, with dark hair and black eyes and red lipstick?  And that she always wears really high-heeled patent pumps?

My problem in burlesque class is that I am naturally more of a jazz dancer, and the way I normally tend to move is more à la Bob Fosse.  Chi-Chi says that's not a bad thing.  I just tend to want to move more like the dancers in the "Hey Big Spender" number in Sweet Charity than, say, Tempest Storm.   I particularly like the "walking" part of burlesque, the double-steps and "Ann-Margret" moves, for instance.

But I learned something sad tonight, since we were working with boas.  Evidently my boas are undernourished.  They're not robust enough to properly do the really fun moves teasingly enough, because they don't give me enough coverage!  Granny's boas are inadequate :(  I guess I'm going to have to take up a collection -- or else I know what much of my first-of-the-month check is going for in October!  Poor skinny little boas of mine, good only for photographs, not for burlesque!

I'm doing GREAT with the long gloves, however.  I have learned so many fun new ways to take them off that I would never have come up with myself!  You take the first one off with a certain set of conventions, but with the second one -- well!  All bets are off and the ante is UP!  You have to top what you did with the first one.

And guess what we're doing next week?  I can hardly wait!  Chair work, and then, men's button-down shirts!  Yippee!

Granny's bad hip is hurting tonight from all the bumping and grinding, so she's going to take a hot bath and then, off to bed.  Sweet dreams to you!

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