Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today GrannyPantyBurlesque channel's odometer went over 100,000 views

...on YouTube since it launched Christmas Eve!

Seriously:  thank you all so much for watching my videos.  Your interest will keep me making them, and dreaming up new costumes and ideas.  And thanks for your sweet comments.  Really.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This song reminds me of someone. Me.

Music by Kurt Weill, lyrics by Ira Gershwin
From the 1941 Broadway musical ''Lady in the Dark''.

There once was a girl named Jenny
Whose virtues were varied and many—
Excepting that she was inclined
Always to make up her mind;
And Jenny points a moral
With which you cannot quarrel—
As you will find.

Jenny made her mind up when she was three
She, herself, was going to trim the Christmas tree.
Christmas Eve she lit the candles—tossed the taper away.
Little Jenny was an orphan on Christmas Day.

Poor Jenny! Bright as a penny!
Her equal would be hard to find.
She lost one dad and mother,
A sister and a brother—
But she would make up her mind.

Jenny made her mind up when she was twelve
That into foreign languages she would delve;
But at seventeen to Vassar it was quite a blow
That in twenty-seven languages she couldn't say no.

Jenny made her mind up at twenty-two
To get herself a husband was the thing to do.
She got herself all dolled up in her satins and furs
And she got herself a husband—but he wasn't hers.

Jenny made her mind up at thirty-nine
She would take a trip to the Argentine.
She was only on vacation but the Latins agree
Jenny was the one who started the Good Neighbor Policy.

Poor Jenny! Bright as a penny!
Her equal would be hard to find.
Oh, passion doesn't vanish
In Portuguese or Spanish—
But she would make up her mind.

Jenny made her mind up at fifty-one
She would write her memoirs before she was done.
The very day her book was published, hist'ry relates
There were wives who shot their husbands in some thirty-three states.

Poor Jenny! Bright as a penny!
Her equal would be hard to find.
She could give cards and spade-ies
To many other ladies—
But she would make up her mind.

Jenny made her mind up at seventy-five
She would live to be the oldest woman alive.
But gin and rum and destiny play funny tricks,
And poor Jenny kicked the bucket at seventy-six.

Jenny points a moral
With which we cannot quarrel.
Makes a lot of common sense!

Jenny and her saga
Prove that you are gaga
If you don't keep sitting on the fence.

Jenny and her story
Point the way to glory
To all man and womankind.

Anyone with vision
Comes to this decision:
Don't make up—You shouldn't make up—
You mustn't make up—Oh, never make up—
Anyone with vision
Comes to this decision—
Don't make up your mind!

[Alternative refrains]

Poor Jenny! Bright as a penny!
Her equal would be hard to find.
To Jenny I'm beholden, her heart was big and golden—
But she would make up her mind.

Poor Jenny! Bright as a penny!
Her equal would be hard to find.
Deserved a bed of roses, but history discloses
That she would make up her mind.


And if I succeed with my plans to go to Buenos Aires to dance the tango for ten days next year in the tango bars, well...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why am I suddenly taken with the idea of making...

a Barbarella-inspired Orgasmatron for a video?!

That's gonna take some doing!

But I think I want to.  I'm also reminded of that mysterious box the house guests in one of Edward Gorey's illustrated stories got into and "comported themselves shamelessly."

Sounds like fun to me! 

Friday, April 16, 2010

YouTube comments are so strange.

How is that most of you immediately understand what I'm doing, and understand the comic element of burlesque performance?  And understand, most of all, that it is just that:  PERFORMANCE.

But why do I sometimes get snarky notes from people disappointed that I'm not doing cinema verité and naturalistic documentation and taking me to task for that?  Is it because they're hard-core voyeurs and that's why they're surfing YouTube, not because they're just looking for a little innocent, titillating entertainment?  I sometimes get the feeling these folks would rather I just set up a camera outside my bedroom or bathroom window and let it run.  Now, what fun would there be in that for Granny Panty?  I wouldn't make videos if I didn't enjoy developing a premise for the action, making the costume, choreographing it, etc.

My goodness!  These folks should just go subscribe to someone's livecam if they want naked reality television!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Got caught up on documenting many of the costumes from upcoming videos yesterday.

Here's a preview.  Do you know who I'm impersonating?  One of my greatest childhood idols, Daisy Mae from Al Capp's comic strip, "L'il Abner."  It was a dream come true -- thanks, Babe Jaeger!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh, it was Uncle H and Melissa who requested cake-sitting!

They sent me a really nice note suggesting it some weeks ago. And Uncle H wrote today to say he's looking forward to the video.

Granny is learning all about this fun new fetish! Did you know it's called, variously, WAM ("wet and messy"), splosh or sploshing by some? Or just good-old fashioned straight-forward "cake sitting" by others? And that some people enjoy pie-ing? Guess I'll have to look into that one next! See, kids, you're never too old to learn something new, fun and exciting!

Uncle H asked how I liked it and how it felt, so, here goes: the cake was butter cream frosted, so it had been in the refrigerator, and it was really cool, wet and slippery. It felt (ahem!) extremely sensuous, and it oozed all over the place. It was like sitting my fanny down in a huge vat of cold cream!

Actually, sitting in it was, I have to admit, pretty thrilling, since it was a first for me! I think you'll see when the video goes live that I was having a lot of fun and really getting into it!

And, yes: there are other messier pictures...

Thanks for asking, Uncle H!

Cake sitting...

complete. Video just waiting in the wings to go live eventually on YouTube. I'm not telling you anything else!