Friday, April 16, 2010

YouTube comments are so strange.

How is that most of you immediately understand what I'm doing, and understand the comic element of burlesque performance?  And understand, most of all, that it is just that:  PERFORMANCE.

But why do I sometimes get snarky notes from people disappointed that I'm not doing cinema verit√© and naturalistic documentation and taking me to task for that?  Is it because they're hard-core voyeurs and that's why they're surfing YouTube, not because they're just looking for a little innocent, titillating entertainment?  I sometimes get the feeling these folks would rather I just set up a camera outside my bedroom or bathroom window and let it run.  Now, what fun would there be in that for Granny Panty?  I wouldn't make videos if I didn't enjoy developing a premise for the action, making the costume, choreographing it, etc.

My goodness!  These folks should just go subscribe to someone's livecam if they want naked reality television!

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