Friday, July 9, 2010

Today's video is completely different from my usual work.

I'm really, really proud of it.  You may have guessed, I'm just wee bit into erotic cosplay. Before I actually started making YouTube videos for my channel, this week's video is very close to what I imagined I wanted to eventually make. 

I still do have that fantasy of making many erotic videos in costumes and settings from my favorite paintings.  I don't know what it is about Pietro Longhi's paintings particularly, but they really turn me on.  "Casanova's Daughter" is my tribute to the painter and his work, and reveals a little about what I'm imagining when I'm looking at his work.

But, never fear!  For every "artistic" video I make for me, I seem to make two viewer suggestion videos.  So don't worry too much.  The nylons and satin panties and vintage undies will always return!  You know I enjoy them too much to give them up!

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