Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Time for another poll on future videos.

Okay, darling readers.  I have five videos canned and ready to release on YouTube.  But those are about the end of my current to-do list.  I have a couple of ideas waiting in the wings, but after that...

Time for viewer input!

Here are some good suggestions I've had.  I'll put them in the poll on the right side-bar.  But you know you can always make requests, and if they don't offend Granny's delicate sensibilities, I may do them.

1.  Uniform modeling show.
2.  Pie-ing.
3.  Coming clean about my stocking addiction by modeling my collection.
4.  Modeling my satin and retro see-through nylon granny panties.


  1. I'd like to admire you modeling with a fur coat.


  2. I'd like to admire you wearing a fur coat. You have to be a stunning "Venus in fur"!