Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just back from stripper dance class!

It was fun tonight and a real hot, sweaty workout!

And now I need to start working out the choreography for my number in a show I'm in February 12 and 13.  I'm using Cole Porter's "Love for Sale" as the music.  I thought it was funny and ironic:  "Appetizing young love for sale..."  I'm using Shirley MacLaine's character Charity and Giuiletta Masina's character Cabiria as my inspirations.  You know, shopworn angels, hookers with hearts of gold.

I meant to tell you that my recent radio interview went well.  I think the hosts were a little surprised when I showed up in full burlesque costume, but what's a girl to do?  It was funny to see people at the radio station looking in the booth while the show was on the air, trying to figure out who on earth the dame with the pink feather boa was!  When the show's archived in a few days, I'll post the link here.   Heath, Steve and K8:  if you're reading, you are all dolls, and thanks so much for having me on!

And I've got to get everything ready for a special Valentine's Day photo shoot.  Darling readers, I have a brand new piece of FURNITURE to ride for you!

Sweet dreams now!

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